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Partner program

aims to provide assistance to its partners to satisfy their customers' needs

Our affiliate program includes many benefits:

No deposit
You don`t even need to have your own deposit to enjoy benefits of affiliate program
high payouts
You will be credited 20% from each client purchased tariff plan
We pay for our Affiliate program instantly and only in bitcoins
No limits
With unlimited referrals your earning potential is endless
multi language
Support 7 languages including English, Chinese, Indonesian, Laos, Russian,Thai, and Vietnamese.
How does it work?
Activate Affiliate Program
Place our Banner On Your Website
Referrals Buy Contracts
Get Your Reward In BTC
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  • Video
  • Landings
  • HTML5 Banners
  • High quality analytics
  • Static Banners
  • Mining calculator

How to become a successful partner?

Use your website (including a blog)
  • Post articles about
  • Place our advertising banners in HTLM5 on your website
  • Place our text advertising banners on your website
  • Place a calculator on your website page
Advertising with Youtube
  • Record and post your own video review about the Hashing24 service (including affiliate links in the description under the video)
  • Place our official video on your channel
Using social networks *
  • Placement of affiliate links in your group
  • Placement of affiliate links on your personal page
  • Commenting on thematic groups, video clips, posts, etc.
  • Record and post your videos in the album
  • Place our official video in your album

* In addition to Facebook, unfortunately this social network does not transmit the parameter "referer" that is important for accounting statistics

Commenting on topical sites / blogs

You can leave comments on thematic articles on websites / blogs. The more organic your comment is, the more likely that the moderator will approve it. On the contrary, thoughtless posting of posts with affiliate links is unlikely to benefit, such comments are likely to be deleted.

Communicate on the forums
  • Create new topics in the forums
  • Answer in thematic thread forums
  • Specify affiliate links in the signatures of your messages.
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Affiliate program terms of use:

  • Payments under the partner program are conducted only in BTC
  • For each unique user you attract, you can get 10% of the purchased contract.
  • These values of partner awards can be changed over time. In this case, all earned funds are saved on the account.
  • It is forbidden:
    • To use the referral link for creating duplicates of your own account;
    • To claim that you are our official representative;
    • To accept payments for mining hashpower on our behalf;
    • To promise customers the excess profit and daily guaranteed income from mining.
  • Those partners, who violate the above-mentioned rules, can be excluded from our partner program and the credited affiliate commission will be canceled.
  • We reserve the right to hold the referral payout for a 30 days period for those referred customers, who paid via payment cards and were marked by the system as potentially suspicious payments based on the anti-fraud filters.
  • If the transaction from a referred customer was confirmed to be a fraudulent one, the affiliate payout for this transaction wouldn’t be processed.
  • The partner is fully responsible for the security of its authentication data (login and password) for accessing the account.
  • These conditions can be changed unilaterally without informing the participants of the program, but with the publication on this page.